CCD sensor output control

Digital CCD sensors perform the A/D conversion on board in the camera head and transmit a digital output signal by High Speed USB 2.0.

Frame Rate

High Resolution Standard Resolution
Full 10.6fps 33.8fps
Binning 2x2 17.9fps 60.8fps
ROI center 1/3 20.9fps 67fps

Output Norm

High Resolution Standard Resolution
Resolution 1360 x 1020 pixel 780 x 580 pixel
Pixel Size µm (hor. x vert.) 4.7 x 4.7µm 8.3 x 8.3µm

The dynamic range of digital video units cover up to 14 bits on board. The full dynamic range is utilized by an adjustable video gain.

Independent of the hardware used, our Dynamic Range Expansion system allows for a resolution enhancement up to 32 bit. Please keep in mind that, in principle, the half of your bits is resolving the shot noise of the incoming light, as explained in the shot noise section.

The actual number of frames per second (fps) may vary as it depends on the PC used.