Interface options: ICCD camera to PC

High speed ICCD camera equipped with standard USB 2.0 digital output

ICCD camera with High Speed USB 2.0 interface

ICCD camera with USB 2.0 connection type

With the High Speed USB interface you do not need any frame grabber. You can plug your camera into every PC or even Laptop and play. High Speed USB offers you maximum flexibility in the laboratory and the field. However, compared to the CameraLink interface High Speed USB is somewhat limited in frame transfer rate. It offers 60 MBps which results in the theoretical maximum frame transfer rates shown under the drawing in the left column.
In order to overcome these restrictions with the High Speed USB, we offer additional on-board memory to increase the frame acquisition rate independent of the frame transfer rate to the PC. Further increasing of the frame transfer rates may of course be performed by binning.

The theoretical maximum frame transfer rates are:

  • high resolution CCD chip = 2.8 MB/frame => 21 frames/s
  • standard resolution CCD chip = 0.9 MB/frame => 66 frames/s

Note: Gigabit Ethernet is coming!

Gigabit Eithernet interfaces is available in most PC's and Laptops as an option or even as a standard. 10Gbps = 1.25GBps will then offer the ultimate frame transfer rate without the need for a frame grabber and enable highest data transfer rates along with maximum flexibility and ease of use also with your Laptop. Stanford Computer Optics intensified CCD cameras will then be upgradable to Gigabit Ethernet standards. For further questions ask the Stanford Computer Optics sales team.