ICCD camera technology

Stanford Computer Optics is specialized on high speed intensified CCD cameras, simply called ICCD cameras. Due to their outstanding combination of outermost ultra high speed shutter for high speed photography and high signal gain for excellent low light level performance the ICCD cameras are much valued in many areas of research.

This technology section discusses the main aspects of intensified imaging by ICCD cameras in a comprehensive way. First, a overview on the ICCD camera system is given and individual components are discussed in-depth. Furthermore, the performance and functionality of ICCD cameras are exhibit, like the optical resolution, dynamic range, trigger options or different exposure modi. Furthermore, we like to highlight peculiarities and possibilities offered by image intensified CCD cameras. We are not afraid of pointing out constraints of ICCD systems that are operating at the absolute physical limits concerning extreme low light conditions and ultra short gating times.

ICCD cameras from Stanford Computer Optics convince with the combination of convenient handling, small size and reasonable pricing. With our miniaturized "All-in-one-head" design all our cameras are only 110 x 135 x 248mm in size and weigh 3kg. This makes them the smallest and most light weighted ICCD cameras available on the market. In addition, all ICCD cameras are available with three different PC-camera interfaces and can be remotely operated with the 4 Spec software.

Finally, this section provides a comparison to competing technologies as the electron multiplying CCD cameras (EMCCD). Compared to EMCCD the ICCD cameras offer ultra high speed gating and excellent signal to noise ratio. Since, the signal to noise ratio of a ICCD cameras is not influenced much by the environmental temperature they do not need cooling systems.