Intensified CCD camera accessories

1) Spectrometer Adapter

ICCD cameras from Stanford Computer Optics are widely used in combination with spectrometers or monochromators. Our intensified CCD cameras can be equipped with adapters for all common spectrometer manufacturers.

Adapter are a available for multiple spectrometer manufacturer:
Acton Research, Jobin Yvon, Chromex, others on request

Furthermore, Stanford Computer Optics, Inc. does provide integrated spectrometer solutions. If you wish a well configured spectrometer, high speed ICCD camera combination please contact the Stanford Computer Optics sales team or your local representative.

2) Vacuum flange

The ICCD cameras, from Stanford Computer Optics, can be equipped with a CF 63 vacuum flange. The front end of the camera is within the vacuum camber and the input window of the image intensifier is functioning as the vacuum termination. This construction enables the reliable operation of the camera electronics air-cooled and still providing the direct access of the photocathode from vacuum e.g. through a MgF2 window.

3) Input lens mounting system

All ICCD camera from Stanford Computer Optics, Inc. are delivered with a customized, rapid-fastening mounting system which provides highest accuracy and best user handling experience. This mounting system ensures the high imaging quality of the ICCD camera and provides the flexibility for multi-purpose applications.

Various adapters for the customized mounting system are available. By default our ICCD cameras are equipped with a C-mount adapter. Adapter has to be specified with order.

Standard: C-mount adapter (included)
Optional: F-mount adapter (Nikon)