ICCD Cameras highlights

Ultracompact and lightweighted camera body
Body dimensions are 248 x 110 x 135mm, Weight is 6.6lbs/3.0kg

Highly integrated All-In-One-Head Design
The camera body includes the complete gating and trigger electronics as well as the RISC processor equipped camera control system.

Full remote control of the high speed camera by the included camera control software
All cameras come with easy to handle Remote Control and Camera Live Monitors

High Speed USB 2.0 image data aquisition or CameraLink interface
No frame grabber required with USB interface.

Unique Coaxial-Coupled-Gating System provides gating pulses as fast as 200ps
The gating electronic is located in the camera head directly beside the image intensifier and reflexion-free coaxially connected to the photocathode for rectangular gating pulses.

Unique rectangular shutter transmission:
flat-top width at 90% = 200ps,
base width at 1% = 260ps

High resolution premium grade image intensifiers with extended visible, IR, UV or solar blind spectral sensitivity
Supplied with selectable photocathodes and phosphor screens as well as single, dual or triple multi-channel plates to provide fully-tailored performance-optimized camera systems with maximum value for your application.

Virtually iris-free fast-response photocathode
with up to 53% quantum efficiency

MTF-improved distortion-free Super-Multi-Coated coupling lenses
The in-house development of the coupling lenses ensures the best performance possible.

Up to 16 bit on-board A/D conversion resolution
The resolution can even be improved by a ajustable Video Gain.

Up to 32 bit total resolution with Dynamic Range Expansion System
Digital output high speed cameras with CCD
High resolution up to 1360 x 1024 bits

Analog output high speed cameras available
compatible to EIA or CCIR

Horizontal and vertical binning, region of interest
1x1, 2x2, ROI

Frame rates up to 350 frames per second
depends on CCD resolution and binning mode.

2 Mhz ultra-fast multiple-exposure repetition rate (on request 5MHz repetition rate available)
The freely trigger-able multiple exposure mode (continues mode) enables a exposure repetition rate of up to 200khz (standard); up to 2MHz (optional) and up to 5MHz on request. The free programmable multiple exposure sequence (burst mode) enables a exposure repetition rate of up to 3.3Mhz in any case.

External Trigger input
Enables synchronization with ultra-fast pulsed laser e.g. in fluorescence applications like FLIM

Freely programmable multiple-exposure sequences

Single photon counting sensitivity

Fully integrated condensation-free thermoelectric cooling available for reduced dark current

Long-time exposures up to 80s
Signal to Noise (SNR) enables very long exposure times of up to 80s without significant contribution of the dark noise

Automatic flatfield and background calibration

Trigger internal and external, equipped with trigger delay function and built-in trigger discriminator
The camera may serve as trigger master or operate as trigger slave. The trigger discriminator picks out a programmable number of trigger events from a recurring trigger signal during one exposure.

Excellent 32 bit multi-purpose Image Editors and dedicated extended Spectroscopy Software Packages available
The software package 4 Spec enables full remote camera control, image handling and spectrum analyzer

Our unrivaled customer care and after sales support is standard with each imaging system