Company Philosophy

The following principles we have laid down for us, as philosophy for the business of Stanford Computer Optics, Inc.

User experience

Customers of Stanford Computer Optics shall have the most technologically advanced and flexible imaging systems available. Our goal is to provide the most beneficial and customized imaging solutions for each unique application. We work constantly and consistent on our products to push the performance as close as possible to physical limits.

Although, our products are cutting edge imaging solutions we still claim compactness in design and usage from all our products. We aspire to provide pioneering technology with easiest handling and user friendliness to the customer at a reasonable price.

Focused on intensified imaging

From the beginning of the company, we concentrate on pioneering and manufacturing intensified imaging solutions. Our focus on intensified CCD cameras lead to a tremendous experience within the specific field of intensified imaging and its applications. During the last 20 years, Stanford Computer Optics constantly pushed the performance of the cameras closer to physical limits. We believe that within the intensified imaging technology and the high speed photography, Stanford Computer Optics is the best partner a experimenter can have.

From researcher, for researcher

Stanford Computer Optics was founded by Paul Hoess during his PhD program, because he was not able to find adequate measurements tools for his project. This motivation, to provide measurement and imaging systems to researcher and developer, still drives us. This leads to a transparent and faithful performance description of our cameras and the goal to set up the best possible experiment for the experimenter.

Serious with facts, casual at manner

Stanford Computer Optics was founded with the principle that work should be challenging. We are convinced that the right corporate culture is the best basis for innovative and creative imaging solutions. Team success as well as excellent individual performances are the basement for innovative and smart ICCD cameras with superior performance. Therefore, our employees are the most important share for the overall success of Stanford Computer Optics: motivated and passionate people with a creative view of work and life.

Superior intensified imaging by Stanford Computer Optics, Inc