XXRapidFrame framing camera named as a finalist for the Prism Awards 2014

27 Nov., 2013, XXRapidFrame nominated for the Prism Awards 2014

Prism Awards 2014 finalist Logo.Stanford Computer Optics, Inc., is very pleased to announce that the company's XXRapidFrame ultra high speed ICCD framing camera has been nominated as a finalist for the Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation. This prestigious photonics industry award is presented by SPIE (the international society for optics and photonics) and Photonics Media at a gala ceremony during the Photonics West Conference 2014. The XXRapidFrame framing camera is included in the Detectors, Sensing, Imaging and Cameras category.

The 8-channel framing camera enables consecutive images series in high resolution with a corresponding frame rate of 100 billion frames per second. All 8 full size high resolution images can be recorded within a time period as short as 1ns. Therefore, the XXRapidFrame provides a revolutionary access to the fastest phenomena in nature.

Multi-channel intensified CCD framing camera, XXRapidFrame

Multi-channel intensified CCD framing camera, XXRapidFrame.

Paul Hoess, President of Stanford Computer Optics states, "We are very excited that the XXRapidFrame is a finalist for the Prism award 2014. The XXRapidFrame is the worldwide fastest multi-channel framing camera. It combines the highest time accuracy with excellent imaging quality without ghosting or parallax."

Ultra high speed framing camera on the edge of physical limits

The multi-channel framing camera XXRapidFrame consist of multiple intensified CCD channels which can be individually controlled and operated. The individual channels are based on the imaging technology of the 4 Picos or the 4 Quik E ICCD camera with the shortest exposure times of 0.2ns and 1.2ns, respectively. The customized mirror based image splitter in front of the individual ICCD channels ensures the excellent resolution, distortion- and vignetting-free imaging quality. Furthermore, the newly designed UV-enhanced image splitter enables measurements in UV-, VIS- and IR-spectral range.

25 years experience in intensified imaging

Stanford Computer Optics, Inc., with its 25 years experience in intensified imaging is constantly pushing the performance of its ultra high speed cameras towards the physical limits. On these grounds the ICCD cameras provide cutting edge technology to customers in all fields of research and industries.

Applications for the XXRapidFrame multi-channel framing camera include ultra high speed photography of fastest phenomena like hyper-velocity impact, plasma development or lightning phenomena. Furthermore the revolutionary prospects of the XXRapidFrame can be used for time resolved multispectral imaging.

Update Feb. 2014

Unfortunately, the XXRapidframe ultra high speed ICCD framing camera was not chosen as Winner of the Prism Awards 2014. Nevertheless, Stanford Computer Optics, Inc. is proud that the XXRapidFrame reached the finalist stage of the Prism Awards 2014. Naturally we thank SPIE and Photonics Media for organizing this wonderful award and congratulate all Winners of the Prism Awards 2014 for their accomplishment.

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