Stanford Computer Optics launch the 8-channel XXRapidFrame

The ultra high speed multi-channel framing camera takes up to 100 billion fps

5 Aug., 2013, Product launch announcement

Stanford Computer Optics, Inc., a world leader in scientific and industrial intensified imaging technology, announced the launch of the new 8-channel framing camera, XXRapidFrame. The multi-channel camera XXRapidFrame is attracting rising interest since its launch in 2003. With increasing requests from prospective buyers the maximum number of available ICCD channels is now doubled to eight. The 8-channel framing camera enables consecutive images series in high resolution with a corresponding frame rate of 100 billion frames per second.

Brochure of the new 8-channel ICCD framing camera, XXRapidFrame.Brochure of the new 8-channel ICCD framing camera, XXRapidFrame.

The multi-channel framing camera XXRapidFrame consist of multiple intensified CCD channels which can be controlled and operated individually. The individual channels are based on the imaging technology of the 4 Picos or the 4 Quik E ICCD camera with the shortest exposure times of 0.2ns and 1.2ns, respectively. The customized mirror based image splitter in front of the individual ICCD channels ensures the excellent resolution, distortion- and vignetting-free imaging quality.

Ultra high speed performance enables new applications

The XXRapidFrame with its up to 8 individual intensified CCD channels opens new uses in numerous applications and many fields of research. It is especially interesting for research in lightning and discharge dynamics, plasma research, hyper-velocity propagation and impact studies, laser ablation or fusion reactions diagnostics. However, the XXRapidFrame will certainly also enable new applications and prospects of ultra high speed imaging systems due to its incredible performance.

Framing camera on the edge of physical limits

Paul Hoess, President of Stanford Computer Optics, said: "The XXRapidFrame is the worldwide fastest multi-channel framing camera. It combines the highest time accuracy with excellent imaging quality without ghosting or parallax. The 8-channel XXRapidFrame records 8 full size high resolution images within a time period as short as 1ns and is therefore accessing the fastest phenomena in nature. Furthermore, the framing camera covers with the newly designed UV-enhances image splitter the spectral range UV, VIS and IR which makes the system a unique measuring tool in ultra high speed imaging."

Stanford Computer Optics, Inc., with its 25 years experience in intensified imaging is constantly pushing the performance of its ultra high speed cameras towards the physical limits. On these grounds the ICCD cameras provide cutting edge technology to customers in all fields of research and industries.

Further information on the multi-channel framing camera: XXRapidframe.